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Why Do We Do It?

We’re passionate about sustainability, self-reliance and community and are volunteering our time and skills to support a grass-roots food availability and self-reliance movement. From kids, to singles and couples, to our elders; we’re hoping to help our community enjoy their very own home-grown produce and new connections with each other.

We’re all about bringing generations together and creating conversations between and within groups that generally aren’t talking.

Our vision is together to create a healthy food paradise in our valley and empower individuals with new skills in hands-on workshops that interest them.

Our Aim:

* Connecting our Community
* Connecting Generations
* Inspiring our Youth
* Increasing Self-reliance
* Food Security
* Physical Health
* Mental Health/Stress Relief
* Sense of Achievement

It’s exciting times and one so many of us are ready for!

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Sat & Sun: 8AM – 4PM

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