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Great day building skills and furniture together


Great bunch of folks What a great day at the Pallet Furniture Building Workshop. Everyone was keen, positive and really excited to gain new knowledge and complete their coffee table project by day’s end.

The results are mini masterpieces each with its own beautiful, unique characteristics they can be proud of.

Thanks so much to everyone who came along, Ralph and I had a terrific day with you all. Your passion for up-cycling, changing consumption patterns, and thirst for knowledge inspires us to keep bringing these knowledge-sharing days to our community.

Thanks again to Dick Puttyfoot and Paul L’Huillier from the Men’s Shed for your wonderful support and venue. It’s a terrific community hub and your desire to bring the ladies in for skill-building is so welcomed! Local men, if you’re interested in joining the Men’s Shed please reach out to Paul L’Huillier for info. They’d love to hear from you. Thanks to Ralph Nottingham from Creative Collectives in Eldorado for making the trip over to our valley to facilitate. Everyone loved it!

On my quest for greater self-reliance I met Ralph out at Eldorado last year on the Wolf Pack program. For those interested in joining he & Kate on their 20 acres, 20 days, 30 people rewilding program starting 24th April check out the details here and chat with the very lovely Kate. It’s truly an empowering experience that develops greater self-reliance and confidence in what you can achieve.

Our apologies to those who missed out on this workshop due to the long weekend. If you’re interested in coming to a second instalment please join the list below. Date TBA: we will contact those who have registered their interest.

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On our goal of increasing self-reliance (both personal and community), a fab opportunity came from today with Dick offering Mondays or Fridays to a ladies’ skill-building group with The Men’s Shed facilitating. Can any local ladies who are interested in expanding their knowledge in anything from woodwork, to changing a tap, to replacing fly screens and beyond; please join the list below to receive more info. We’ll survey your ideas on learning topics you’d like to see offered and develop a program.

I’m Interested in the Ladies Skill-Building Program

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Meantime, for the next Alpine Permablitz Workshop can I see a show of hands of those interested in cob oven building? I’ll need to make contact with the right facilitators but just need an indication of numbers. If you’re interested in a Cob Oven Building Workshop before winter please join the list below.


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Till then, have a great time in the garden and the shed! Janet


Alpine Permablitz aim is to help increase community self-reliance through fun, affordable, knowledge-sharing workshops and garden events.


Originally from sugar cane farming in North Queensland, one of six kids with parents who always grew their own food. During my years at the bank in Sydney as Sustainability Work Stream Leader I was charged with researching sustainability issues and helping the staff in our department learn how to reduce their impact on the world; at the office, in the home, and garden. I gathered knowledge on consumption, waste and procurement dependance and implemented learnings for our staff that was a real eye opener for everyone. Our reliance on natural resources and vast international systems to entertain, feed, and clothe us makes us vulnerable, and though our collective attitude in decades' past to consumption and waste is slowly changing, more needs to be done to increase our grass roots resilience and self-reliance, both personally and in our communities. We're igniting a local movement towards greater self-reliance, food security, good health, collaboration, sharing of skills, ideas, hard work and laughs. I love growing organic heirloom vegetables and living as chemically free as possible. When we garden we truly find ourselves and each other. Join 'The Blitz List' Email Signup to subscribe to the Blog and get all the info and happenings. http://alpinepermablitz.com.au/join-the-blitz-list/

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