Who Can Join?

Alpine Permablitz

Mount Beauty / Tawonga South / Tawonga

Who Can Join?

Anyone with a love of fresh, chemical free produce, getting together and sharing ideas, hard work & laughs. Anyone who enjoys that feeling of freedom when you walk out into your garden and harvest your very own fresh food and wander back into your kitchen to prepare it. Anyone with the innate knowing that the garden is where we ‘find ourselves’ again. For The Blitz List no experience is necessary. You can work a shovel, plant seedlings or make tea for the team – whatever suits your physical level and interest.

We’d love to see kids coming along and learning about gardening, food and doing some fun garden craft activities together.

We’re all about bringing generations together and creating conversations between and within groups that generally aren’t talking.

We’d love to gather together people with:
  • Lots of enthusiasm
  • A Love of working together
  • A shovel & a smile
  • Great tea-making skills (very important)
  • Any handy skills
  • Landscaping/hardscaping skills always welcome
Also looking for contacts that can help us with:
  • Free or cheap manure and hay/pea straw bales and other organic matter
  • Free, recycled or cheap pavers, bricks, wood etc for paving between garden beds when required
  • Free, recycled or cheap wooden pallets for sawing into garden beds (check out our ‘How To’ Inspiration Videos)
  • Small earthmoving/compacting equipment if required
  • Free, cheap or recycled materials for building chook pens, compost bays (corrugated iron for the sides, star picket posts, etc)
Subscribe to The Blitz List on our Facebook page if you’d like to join the project. There you can add ‘Helpful Things’ that you know, can do, can connect us with to help get this project off to a flying start!

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