Food is Free Day – Lovely turn out

We had a wonderful morning on Sunday, 1st March for Food is Free Day. Goes to show how busy you are when you only find out two weeks later that we were actually on the front cover!

Thanks to everyone who came out and shared herbs, fruit & veg and lovely conversation. To those who needed and took home we hope you enjoyed every last nummy bite!

If you’d like to experience more home-grown, spray-free local produce you can drop in to The Growers’ Co op every Tuesday 10am-2pm at Mountain Health next to Flour + Water.

If you’d like to learn more about our volunteer permablitzing group to help develop your garden to grow more veggies join The Blitz List for info on upcoming events.

Look forward to seeing you in the garden soon!

Food-is-Free-Front-Cover Food-is-Free-article

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Movie Screening: Food Matters

Hi everyone, on the back of our Food is Free event on the weekend we’re screening a stunning documentary for the community.

Ever wondered what’s in your food, or what’s NOT in your food?

Every time you eat or drink you are either feeding disease or fighting it.

Join us for the screening of this powerful documentary. Guaranteed to change the way you look at the food on your plate…

Inspiring ideas and action for communities.

Brought to you by Alpine Permablitz and Mountain Health. We’ll also share more info about our Permablitzing group and the Grower’s Co op on the night.

SCREENING ON: Friday, 13th March at 7:00pm
Mt Beauty Auditorium @ Visitor Info Centre
$5 entry fee for adults
Kids under 15 free
Proceeds to Alpine Permablitz Kids Craft Club
“Your body is worthy of good care and no one is more suitably qualified to care for it than yourself.” Know what you’re putting in.

Details below and we all hope to see you there!

The Alpine Permablitz Collective
Alpine Permablitz – Food Is Free ProjectFood Matters screening Fri 13 March   Watch the trailer!

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Food is Free Day is almost here! Check your gardens!

Food is Free Day 1 March  

Please share with your friends.

For the love of good food and healthy community join us this Sunday, 1st March at the Pondage.

Bring any spare fruit/veg/herbs you have to share as this initiative’s success rests on the good-will of our community. You could come down with apples and leave with cucumbers & coriander! Those in need just come down and “Take what you need, leave what you don’t”.

It’s a feel-good community gathering.

Locals in Bendigo, Ballarat, Castlemaine, Nowa Nowa and more towns are doing some great things together! They’re all on Facebook to see and be inspired by.

Read our event details for more info.

Hope to see you there!

The Alpine Permablitz Collective & Mountain Health Growers’ Co Op

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Food is Free Day – Sunday 1 March

  FIF The Food is Free Project is taking Australia by storm! Inspired by Food is Free Bendigo (thanks guys!) we’re having a special day to encourage food sharing on Sunday, 1st March. You can put spare produce out the front of your homes in a bucket or box with a sign ‘Food is Free’ OR come to the Pondage and drop off your spare fruit & veggies at our central drop off/collection point. There’s no need to donate in order to collect some beautiful fresh food for your family. It’s a ‘Take what you need, and leave what you don’t’ system. A great way to meet your neighbours, connect to others in our community and share excess produce. If you’re popping things out the front of your place, post on our Facebook page here to advise your house is participating and welcome others. We’d love to see you on Sunday 1st March at the Pondage! Alpine Permablitz – Food Is Free Project and Mountain Health Growers Co-op

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Adam’s Permablitz in swing!

What a great day! Working with awesome people to the funky tunes pumped from our car parked up top today was an absolute pleasure. Thank you everyone!  IMG_5347 create-an-extraordinary-future

What a wonderful day with the Permablitz volunteers working on Adam’s yard for our first ever blitz today!


Thank you everyone who came and shared in our first Permablitz day working collaboratively to develop an amazing organic food garden. You’re awesome

This really feels like a wave that everyone has been waiting for and we have so much shared enjoyment and excitement for the future of our group and where this initiative will lead us. What a wonderful feeling!


A permablitz is a permaculture-inspired backyard makeover where people come together to share knowledge and skills about organic food production in their gardens while building community and having fun.

Much like a garden, what ‘Permablitzing’ looks and feels likes for us in our valley will evolve organically over time as we shape it together as a community.


The basic idea is that by converting our lawns into organic food producing gardens, people will be able to back away from a dependence on industrial agriculture and the shipping of food back and forth across the world. At the same time, it makes organic eating accessible to everyone.


In Permaculture we are trying to mirror natural ecosystems. Working ‘with’ the earth rather than ‘on’ her. Not forcing her to do our bidding with synthetic fertilisers and pesticides but rather providing what she needs to grow naturally strong plants with minimal effort/input. She’s smiling today!

A beautiful energy there today. Can’t wait for the next one! Janet PS. We’ll bring you update photos of the garden’s growth and our experiences, wins, lessons learned and plethora of produce waiting to burst forth! Don’t forget if you’d like an invite to the next Blitz (and learn what’s needed to put your hand up for a blitz at your place) please remember to sign up to the mailing list. Till then beautiful community…


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